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Univerde Agencies, Intropeneur, sustainable construction technologies - Univerde Agencies
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UNIVERDE Agencies s.a.r.l

International Interim Intrapeneuring in
sustainable construction technologies

About Boudewijn Piscaer

The major shareholder of UNIVERDE Agencies s.a.r.l., Boudewijn PISCAER, a sustainable concrete philosopher, has decided to take a couple of half year sabbaticals.

In 2009 he initiated the European Eco-Innovation SUSTCON EPV project ( that has come to an end. Action is expected now by the 4 project partners. Since this time he has delivered several key-note talks around the world:, From Dundee Scotland to Wuhan China as well as Johannesburg South Africa.

UNIVERDE continues to pursue the objective of making the 2nd most used construction material, civil concrete, more sustainable.


  • People (Social impact): proof was delivered that concrete can contribute to reduce poverty and lifting the profession to a higher level of engagement.
  • Planet (Environmental impact): More then 750 M. tons of CO2 and 800 M. tons of raw materials can be reduced per year by applying Best Practice.
  • Profit/Prosperity: for the suppliers this can be maintained if they move from volume to quality, doing more with less.

Ongoing Projects:

  1. UNIVERDE remains a Consult to selected companies who share similar goals and visions.
  2. Besides the focus on concrete binders, UNIVERDE will follow the feasibility of Bio Based Aggregates.
  3. UNIVERDE will help support the continuing Education of concrete, at all levels.
  4. MVO (CSR) Nl, Netwerk beton, participation in the Concrete Innovation implementation group.

UNIVERDE will be attending conferences in the following locations:

Rabat Morocco (Nov.2013), CMSS congres 2013
Mumbai, India (Feb.2014), Fib congres
Zagreb, Croatia (June 2014) RILEM International workshop